Hello, my name is Tracie Young, and my story starts on a cold November day. When I was about three months old, my parents noticed I was very quickly becoming quite sick. I was rushed by airplane down to a medical center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and on the way, my heart stopped beating. Paramedics where able to get it beating again, and when we landed I was immediately prepped to have open heart surgery. I miraculously survived the surgery, but shortly there after, lost my right arm due to complications from the surgery. Growing up, I thought that living life with only one arm would be my biggest challenge, however, I never imagined that thirty-one years later everything I have ever known and every challenge that I have lived through would be the least of my worries.

It was July of 2009 and I had a great Fourth of July weekend of camping and hanging out with friends. It was probably the best Independence Day that I have ever had. About four days later I developed a terrible headache similar to my migraines, but much more severe in nature. I went to the emergency room where I had a spinal tap done and was told that I had spinal meningitis. The headache continued to bother me over the following weekend not getting any better. I again returned to the emergency room demanding that there was something wrong with me and telling them that I had never felt like this before. This time the emergency room said they didn’t think I had spinal meningitis and that I probably just had a really bad virus. I was again sent home with pain meds. Over the next week I became so fatigued followed by pain in my joints that everyday life was almost impossible. My heart started having these really weird palpitations making me feel like I was having a heart attack. I felt like I was living a completely different life from everyone else. They all just seemed so far away. I had been back and forth to the doctor always getting the same results; there is nothing wrong with you. They decided I needed to see a neurologist for the continued headaches. It was here where a wonderful nurse practitioner decided to do a Lyme disease test…


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