Treament Update : Nov. 17th

Posted on 17. Nov, 2010 by in Journal

I just wanted to leave a quick update so everyone kind of knows how I am doing……. I have completed over a week of IV antibiotics. There have been a few good days, but mostly not too good days. I have been having a lot of vomiting and extreme weakness and fatigue. I have been given a pain patch that does help a lot with the pain, but it makes me pretty groggy. I have been having a hard time getting food down since I have no appetite most of the time. I pretty much have to force myself to eat. I have been able to get out a little bit for short periods of time and with the help of a wheelchair. If I can push a cart sometimes I am okay for awhile. I have been very down and cry a lot, but I have been writing my thoughts down and talking with good friends.

We remain hopeful and are trying our best to get through the days.

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