Update | Nov. 30th

Posted on 30. Nov, 2010 by in Journal

I have been doing a lot better the past couple of days. I was having some problems with pain management and withdrawl symptoms but we seem to have gotten them under control. I have been dealing a lot with my son and having him checked out by every single doctor imaginable. It has been very time consuming and physically and emotionally I am at my limit. I see myself in him and I fear the repercussions of not taking care of this right away. They have ordered him to get a pic line which is less invasive than the port which is what I have. I will give him his medicine and we will get all of the supplies and stuff from the same place.

You have to understand that every time we go to the Dr. I pay out of pocket and any of the vitamins and supplements are also out of pocket. Right now we pay around $500 for vitamins and supplements every 3-4 months. The doctor visits and phone consults are $160 + an hour not to mention the cost of traveling and everything else. We need to make sure that both of us are getting the correct amount of foods and liquids which can be hard when neither one of us has much of an appetite. Financially we are draining down and we struggle every day.

I try to remain positive and I am seeking the Lord in my time of pain and hardship. I love my family who continue to have their problems as well but together we will get through this!!!!

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