Update | Feb. 19

Posted on 19. Feb, 2011 by in Journal

Well, I know my updates lately are short and filled with little information. I am sure you know how it is when you don’t have a computer.

Overall, I have made improvements since I started IV antibiotics in the beginning of November. We feel very strongly that the months that I endured painful shots in my butt did take the stress off any herxing reactions that I had with the IV. (A herxing reaction is when you get worse before you get better, but it means that the antibiotic is doing it’s job.) My herxing reactions have been involuntary thrashing of my body limbs, neck, and even entire head. There are many times where I am confused and unable to talk. I cry looking at my husband because number one I don’t want him to see me like that and number two because I am scared of what is happening in my body. The major symptoms like these ones are lessening in frequency but I continue to have a lot of pain. I take very strong pain meds which do keep me out of the emergency room, but enough to make life a living hell. There are times that I just don’t know how I am making it through. I continue to be thankful for what is in front of me and just take each day for what it is worth. I spend a lot of time watching TV, and I am pretty certain that I have a show for each hour of the day that I watch.

Our family recently purchased a new house and we are optimistic that the move will be just what I need to get better. There is a lot of mold in the house that we live in and we are just growing out of it and it seems like we are all on top of each other. I think that this house is preventing us from getting better.

Treshon has had quite a hard couple of months. He is reacting to the bandages that are on his arm and has been having quite an allergic reaction. W think we have narrowed down that he is allergic to the adhesive, but it has been pretty hard figuring that out. I feel very sorry for him because he is always itching it. I know he wants to get the pic line out, but I am afraid that when we see the Doctor in a couple of weeks that he will continue the treatment for quite awhile. This will not be good news for any of us.

I want you to know that I love to hear your comments and any feedback on my website. It is sometimes my only communication to some of you. I love you all and continue to pray for us. I realize that God is the only one that has the answers and that I must seek him for peace.

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