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Posted on 01. May, 2011 by in Journal

Treshon has been off of meds for a little over 2 weeks now. He is starting to become symptomatic again which is not a good thing since it means that the disease is still really active in his body. We are trying to find someone to put a port in his chest so that he can get his meds again. Te surgery was setup for Monday morning and after the hospital found out that it was for lyme disease they refuse to do it. This is one of the political issues that we are facing dealing with this disease. Though the doctor has no problem doing the surgery it is the administration of the hospital that says no because of the liability issue.

We just need to get the port in his chest because he keeps getting a really bad skin reaction from the pic line. Our regular doctor won’t put a pic line in because of the reaction and the fact that he keeps pulling out the line. Putting a port in the chest is a lot more invasive and the risk of infection is a lot greater as well. Therefore know one is jumping at the chance to do it. However, my son is suffering every day that he goes without his medicine.

I feel at a loss for words and options, the doctors and nurses are asking me what to do and if I have any options….what do I say to that???? I am doing my best and asking my specialist from NY what our options are, but at this point it is not looking good. I will leave it alone for the weekend and pick up again on Monday morning. Wish me luck and say a little prayer.

Everyone with lyme disease needs your help to change the system and the way we get treated when we go to the doctor. If my son would have stepped on a rusty nail there would be no issues getting the port. But severe headaches, lesions on the brain, no energy, and a bacteria that is eating away at all your tissues is not enough. Please help.

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