Update | June 1st

Posted on 14. Jun, 2011 by in Journal

Tre still waits to get a central line in we are reaching a wall with the medical world and many of the doctors are telling us that he does not have lyme disease. Instead they say it is in his head and that he is just following what his mom does and that he is trying to get attention and that he is depressed. They are happy to give me drugs for his “depression” but won’t agree with anything that the lyme doctors are saying. I cry hard and often and feel defeated. I want to give up and I say I will give up……but I keep fighting. I have to fight I know the repercussions of going without treatment are very bad and I have to keep fighting for what I know is right. I love that little boy and I refuse to believe that he is going to have to live a life of pain and misery…..he deserves better.

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