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Well, a lot has happened since my last update. I don’t even know really where to begin…

I had a break from treatment where I started to do really bad. I saw the neurological symptoms coming back where I was confused, couldn’t remember things, migraine headaches, fatigue, feeling like I had ran miles in my legs and the list goes on and on. My doctor feels that this means that I am not as good as they thought I was and that the disease is actually much more progressed than they originally thought. I think I’ve said this before but it just keeps getting worse and to think I don’t really know how long I have had this disease.

They began me on a very heavy IV antibiotic regimen where I was literally attached to medicine 8-12 hours out of the day. Some of that being IV fluids and I am confined to a bed. I immediately got very nauseous and the vomiting began to start. I would throw up anywhere from 3-7 times a day. They increased my medicine for nausea and lightened up the dose a little bit because I just couldn’t take it. When I am unable to keep anything down I get so weak and I get this terrible dizziness where the room is spinning around and around and the force begins to pull me down and I fall. I was falling every other day, I fell out of my bed because I couldn’t tell where the edge was. I fell all the way down the stairs which in turn got me sore in a number of places and I practically broke my left arm. Those of you who know me know I only have my left arm so if that arm goes in a cast I am virtually without hands.

I tried to follow the regimen as well as I could but the pain in my legs was unbearable. I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t walk for very long without getting too shaky. I made the personal decision to take away some of the doses because I just couldn’t bear the pain. I feel somewhat like a failure, but my doctor explains that not very many people can take Lyme disease treatment and they often never follow it all the way through. Up until now I have done everything they have asked of me and I have taken everything without much complaining and hardly ever calling the doctor. They tell me I am very strong and that I am a fighter. I can truly say that I believe that now. I am slowly starting to see the benefits from my treatment and some of my worst symptoms have lightened up. I have fewer heart palpitations, neck and head spasms and my neurological symptoms are better. I am very thankful for that and my doctor always seems to be right on with everything that is happening and the whole process.

I remain to fight the battles of life and my mom is battling breast cancer. The stress of it all is overwhelming and has made battling this disease that much worse but it has put my focus on my mom and gives me something else to think about except me and being sick. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

Treshon remains to be my hero in all this. He is very strong and fights every day. Recently they added a cyst-buster antibiotic to try and fight all the little Lyme bugs that form antibiotic resistant cysts. The hope is to attack those cysts that are hiding. He has become more sick since this and has good days and bad days. His immune system is down and he is getting all the bugs that are floating around. When you ask him what is wrong he says “I just don’t feel good,” and he can’t really explain why. He has increased headaches, stomach aches, can’t eat, sleep, focus, little energy, and is tired all the time. I am sure this will pass in a few weeks and he is looking at being able to stop heavy treatment in June. He is very happy to finally have an end in sight.

Our family continues to struggle dealing with chronic illness and I’m not sure how we make it. The bills are piling up and if it weren’t for family I don’t think we would be making it. I pray and hope that there will be brighter days in our future. It could always be worst and I personally know people where it is worse so I am thankful to be alive and have my children with me.

God Bless You All.

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