Update | Dec. 5th

Posted on 05. Dec, 2011 by in Journal

Just a quick update on Tre…

WE had to take him to the Dr. yesterday to have his port site evaluated. What is happening is every week we have to access the port with a needle and that is changed every week. Over time the area gets a little worn out and you have to move the needle around. The port is only about a square inch big and so that is the area that you have to work with. Tre’s skin is beginning to break down a little bit and then he got hit in gym one day in the needle and it forced that needle to move some more. Basically what he has is a hole in his skin and you can see the rubber ball port that sits under his skin, which normally you wouldn’t be able to see it. The Dr. is worried so we pulled the needle and he said Tre has 7 days to heal that hole or we will have to pull the port out. This takes surgery to do and then we won’t have the port and I don’t know what we will do. for the lyme disease treatment then.

I am praying and trying not to worry until I have to. I think that he has a pretty good chance of it closing up. The other problem is that he is at a much higher risk of infectin and we have to be really careful. Since he has no needle in and is not able to receive treatment he is able to travel to see his Dad which he hasn’t been able to do in awhile. He is happy about that but I fear that they won’t take the extra safety precautions. If people don’t live with this on a daily basis they just don’t understand the severity of the situation.

Please keep his health and safety in your thoughts and prayers. We will know more next week.

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