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Did you know that cherries are like a super fruit??

I am embarking on a new trend for me, but one that is as ancient as time. Through my battle with this Lyme disease stuff I have found that not only are my antibiotics crucial but so are my vitamins, supplements, and diet. The antibiotic treatments thus far have been so draining that the thought of starting a whole new diet regimen just didn’t appeal to me. However, being sick doesn’t appeal to me either. So you know what?? I am going to try some new things. I think you should look into it too. I recommend always reading up on things and being your own advocate for what is best for you, that means always talking with your doctor about new ideas that you want to try.

I am starting to drink cherry juice concentrate. There are approximately 60 tart cherries in 2 tablespoons of concentrate. It is recommended that you drink 2 tablespoons per day to receive the health benefits. Tart cherries are known to improve diabetes symptoms, gout, arthritis, joint pain, any type of anti-inflammatory condition, chronic illness, cardiovascular disease, and they have the highest antioxidant levels. Foods that are high in antioxidant levels promote healthy cell growth and keep radicals out of your cells that begin to destroy them. When your cells get weak that is why your body feels weak and you get sick. Eating and drinking foods that are high in antioxidant levels will promote your cells to be healthy, this will give your body more strength and in turn your body will feel the benefits.
You better get on it… I think the new saying should be, “A cherry a day keeps the doctor away!” I want to hear back from you. You should all go out and get some cherry juice. Remember, you do not have to be sick to try this. It helps promote good health and is a great way to be healthy, but if you have any kind of pain give it a try.
Here is a good website to order products and read up on it.


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