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I have reached a point where I can take a breath of relief with Treshon, and as each day goes by my 7 year old daughter keeps showing more and more similar signs that she too is becoming symptomatic with Lyme. Again, did I give it to her in utero or did she become exposed during her lifetime. That remains to be a question that will never have an answer. We will never know. She is not having behavior problems like my son, but everything else is very similar and also showing up around the same time in their lives. Teyahna is starting a little earlier than Treshon did and she also has breathing problems. My biggest fear I guess is somehow beginning to potentially unravel in front of me and there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. Another one I love could have been struck by this bug. We head to the dr. now to begin the process with her.

Update: The Elisa test was negative.

I am happy about it, but feeling very unsettled and scared that it could be a false negative.

I am praying for my kids tonight and all the other kids suffering as well. As a mother I feel sick already for myself but then worse for them. I just want to take the pain away for them.

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