Posted on 09. Sep, 2012 by in Journal

My life has taken a huge scary change. I have just found out about a month ago that I am pregnant. This was not planned and we had actually just decided to have no more children due to my Lyme disease and the toll it could have on my body. After some research and contacting my Lyme doctor in New York we have decided that the baby should be okay and that this baby has the best chances of not getting the disease since I have been on treatment and there is a treatment protocol for during the pregnancy. The thing that also was scary is the medications that I have been on. I immediately had to stop all of them and was told that the pain medication could be taken but that I would have to wean off by the third trimester so that the baby would not be born on the medication.

I am scared and afraid for what is to come. I always wanted another baby and even though I am happy, it too is bittersweet.

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