Posted on 11. Jan, 2013 by in Journal

It is a new year of beginnings with a new hope for the future. Things really are about the same. I am doing well with the pregnancy but the pain in my body still remains one of the worst. I also am starting to lose my energy and I am getting very anxious for the birth of the baby. I only have about 3 and a half months left.

Treshon is doing well. He did some oral antibiotics for a few months and now has been able to stop. We are waiting to get the next expensive Lyme test to see where the disease is in his body. If at any time there are any step backs then he will probably have to go back on treatment. I will keep my fingers crossed that he remains on this great path towards recovery.

Teyahna remains about the same as well. With finances being so low we just can’t get the test done, but I continue to document her symptoms and about every 6 months we get the Lyme test that insurance will cover. So far she remains to be negative as well.

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