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Well I am a little over a month away from meeting my little blessing from God. I am not really sure why things happen the way they do, but I know and feel that there really is someone bigger than me working here and he has a plan for me and my beautiful children. If the pregnancy is what turned my Lyme disease around or if I’m just finally reaching that point in the disease process, it doesn’t matter why, it just matters that it is happening. I am well enough to take care of my children and my body has carried this baby quite well. I am nervous for my heart, but with all the precautions that the doctor has taken I feel confident that I am in the best hands. If something should happen to me during delivery I know my child will be okay. If I never get to spend a day with my baby, then the time he has been inside me has been incredibly special and the better health has made it that much more wonderful to experience. I thank God every day for giving me the will and the ability to keep this child healthy. I know he is listening.

I fear the delivery will start a downward spiral with the disease, but I have learned through this that you cannot worry about things until you absolutely have too. It just puts too much turmoil on your soul and in turn that hinders your body’s ability to heal. So with that said, I express my pain, but I also tell you how I plan to get through and handle it. I will try my best to not worry.

I have not had any phone consults with my doctor because finances are hard and he really would do nothing different at this time. I just keep taking the oral antibiotic protocol for the pregnancy and after 6-8 weeks from delivery I will be consulting with him on the next stage of treatment and where we go from here.

I should be seeing my regular doctor more frequently, but with all the appointments in the cities and me getting just too tired I have not been able to do that too. I figure as long as I’m doing okay it should be okay as well.

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