Update | New Baby Boy!

Posted on 25. May, 2013 by in Journal

I had a beautiful baby boy! Everything went very well, there were no complications and the labor was so fast that all the heart monitoring couldn’t even happen because he came so fast. I have astounded all the doctors and they are amazed at my strength and ability.

The one thing that did however go horribly wrong was the Lyme test on the baby. My NY physician recommended taking the umbilical cord blood and sending it out to one of the labs where they do the Lyme testing that is not accepted by the Center for Disease Control. This is the test that costs almost $600, and must be done during the week, and during FedEx hours so that they can pick it up and get it to the lab on time. It must be to the lab within 24 hours of taking the blood sample. Everything with my doctors was planned and they agreed that if I didn’t go into labor by myself, then they would induce me a week early at 8 am on a Monday so that the sample could get sent to the lab in time. At my last doctor appointment I saw a new doctor who refused to induce me around the Lyme test because she did not believe that Lyme disease can be transferred to the baby in utero. Therefore I had no choice in the matter but to hope for the best. Well, the baby came on that day exactly 1 week before my due date, but it was at 9:30 at night and FedEx was done for the day. The sample was compromised and my baby could not be tested. They cannot do a regular blood test on him because he would probably just test positive anyway from my antibodies. So now all we can do is wait and pray. We watch him for symptoms and hope for the best. He cannot be tested for at least a year, and even then you need to try to avoid antibiotic treatment on an infant if at all positive.

This is a perfect example of the controversies surrounding the disease and the road blocks that you meet along the way. This is an ignorant doctor who believes one thing and refuses to look at the facts. There are documented cases of stillborn babies born where the cause of death on the autopsy was Lyme disease. Well how does an unborn baby die of Lyme disease unless the Mom passes it to them?? This is what I am up against and thousands of others. This is why I refuse to sit around and let this to continue on without saying something.

I pray today for the strength to get better and the strength to help other mothers so that their babies have the best chance at life.


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