Update : 3/21/16

Posted on 24. Mar, 2016 by in Journal

It has been quite some time again since I have updated my site. 2 years to be exact.

I can’t say that a lot hasn’t happened or that things have just been peachy. I can, however, say that I am alive and my children are happy and learning and feeling new things everyday. We continue to grow as a team and as a family, but with many changes. My health has been great for the most part. I would have to say that I have taken an extended vacation that has gone on too long, and I would say that there have been many changes in the political/ethical/medical aspect of Lyme Disease and I want to continue to use my website as a learning and helping tool for individuals who are sick. That begins today.

Bare with me as I make changes to the site and boost it up a notch to provide more access to resources available to those who are sick.

God Bless!!

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